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File management for content creators on the move

Easily organise and share your images and contracts.
Aminty is an assistant in your pocket.

Protect yourself and your work

If you intend to accept money for your photos, release forms are mandatory.

It’s important to comply with intellectual property laws, copyright laws, privacy laws, and general principles of contract law.
With a release form on file, you are guaranteed full usage rights for your images - with no uncomfortable conversations down the track.

Streamline every process

Ready-to-sign contracts

Forget the burden of carrying release forms on the job. You can store, sign, organise and share your release forms from your phone.

Dedicated contracts

Each piece of work has its specificities, Aminty make it easy for you and streamline your process.

Secure storage in the cloud

Concentrate on doing your best work and send images to the cloud with the relevant contracts, for easy organisation and sharing.

Focus on your images

Aminty enables legal compliance, secure storage, and easy, clear communication.

Spend less time on paperwork and more time on your best work. Rely on Aminty.

And more

Aminty is an evolving product at your benefit.
Please, feel free to reach out if you would like to see a specific feature.

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